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iComputer handles all types of computer and electronics repairs.  Specializing in great customer service and fast turn-around times!  Call them at 720-253-0092 or visit their website at

Interviewer:  I'm here today with Sun Pak with iComputer.  Sun, thank you so much for joining us today.

Sun:  Thank you Carrie for having us.

Interviewer:  So tell me a little bit about, with so many computer service companies what makes your company different?

Sun:  Well what differentiates iComputer from so many other computer shops around town is that we really pride ourselves on customer service and you know when customers leave their laptops or computers with us they're leaving a very important part of their daily activity; whether it be work or personal, and we take that very seriously.  

We also try to, in order to accommodate them, we try to have a very fast turnaround time and we have the fastest turnaround time in town, I think.  Generally around 24 to 48 hours is when we can do most of the repairs, complete them and you know in effort to accommodate the customers we will do everything we can so that they stay online, up and running so if for some reason a repair takes a little bit longer than usual we can provide loaners or we do drop offs and pickups.

Interviewer:  Oh that's great.

Sun:  Yes.

Interviewer:  Wonderful.  So now you've recently changed locations, correct?  So how has that affected your business?

Sun:  Yes we've actually moved into the Art District on Santa Fe and that's helped the business a lot.  We get a lot of exposure through some of the community activities around there such as the First Friday Art Walk, we are involved in providing some exposure to local artists by having artists put their art up and they are able to sell their art through the shop and even for the First Friday Art Walks just people coming in and welcoming new customers has provided a lot of new business for iComputer.

Interviewer:  That's great so you're very involved in the community?

Sun:  Yes definitely.  We actually work with a school across the street called Access School and we have provided classes for them to kind of get sort of real world work experience.

Interviewer:  That's wonderful.  So tell me how has evolving technology affected your business model?

Sun: There has been a lot of new people that come in with problems with mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, iPhones, we have been helping the customers sort of create their own personal networks or work networks using these devices so that they have access to all of the files and emails and things that they need, in addition to that we do hardware repairs on tablets, iPads and iPhones, say if you break it, you know break the glass or something like that, yeah.

Interviewer:  Which definitely does happen, right?

Sun:  Yes definitely.

Interviewer:  Now, do you sell products such as computers as well or is it strictly repairs?

Sun:  We do, we do sell computes, we sell a lot of pro audio, video equipment as well; we can customize any kind of computer say for any, you know casual user that just needs to access the internet or their emails, we sell really high quality refurbished machines, laptops for Windows or Macs to them or we can build work stations for professionals that need to run say AutoCAD or anything Adobe, in fact we've sold a lot of computers to a lot of local independent production companies as well as many of the broadcast companies around town.

Interviewer:  Wonderful.

Sun:  Yeah.

Interviewer:  Now how can clients get in touch with you?

Sun:  They can go to our website; all of our contact information is on there.  We also accept any kind of walk-ins or you can call anytime (720) 253 0092 and you know it doesn't matter to us where you get the servers or where you want to buy your product we just want to be able to help and you can use us as a resource, anytime.

Interviewer:  Great.  Sun thank you so much for joining us today it was a pleasure learning more about your business.

Sun:  Thank you very much.

Interviewer:  And again I'm here today with Sun Pak with iComputer.


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